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2022 McLaren

Flux Green
3.0L Twin-Turbo V6 Hybrid
8-Speed + E-Reverse Seamless Shift Gearbox
5 Years / 75,000KM
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Artura is based on the all-new McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture (MCLA). This innovative foundation hosts the new super-light McLaren V6 twin tubocharged petrol engine. Working in harmony with a power dense, compact E-Motor. The 8-Speed Seamless Shift Gearbox has no need for a heavy, space wasting reverse ratio... it uses electric power instead. Innovation  ows from nose to tail.

This is a new era for the McLaren design language. Graceful. Minimal. Ultra-low, uncluttered, and shaped by aerodynamics. Every curve, shape and surface is here for a reason. In carbon  fibre and Superformed aluminium.

Next-generation driver focus. Advanced construction and modern craftsmanship.Innovative technology. Artura's cockpit is built to create maximum driver engagement.
From all-new Clubsport or Comfort seats, to a whole new level of connectivity and infotainment.

Artura is available in a range of striking colours that highlight its minimal beauty and uncluttered form.
A rich palette of Standard, Elite and MSO shades provide you with the freedom to make a dramatic or subtle statement. To reflect your personality. And the forceful charisma of Artura.

Ultra-light alloy wheels cut unsprung weight. Theyre a key component of Arturas incredible handling and lightning responses. Available in 7-Spoke and 5-Spoke Cast Alloy forms, and a 10-Spoke Super-Lightweight Forged Alloy design. Plus a range of stunning  finishes from pure Silver to Titanium Liquid Metal, and Gloss Black.
Huge stopping power and exceptional brake feel come as standard on Artura. Complete with meticulously engineered brake calipers, painted Black with White printed McLaren logos.
Celebrate these vital components with a choice of colours, designed to match or contrast with your selected body colour. From iconic McLaren Orange to Azores or beautifully Polished Metal, each option features a beautifully  finished McLaren logo.

Tactile, beautiful and durable. However you specify your Artura interior, contemporary quality and finely resolved details surround you -shaped by modern McLaren craftsmanship and pioneering design. Nappa Leather, Alcantara® and brushed metal. Muted Carbon Black, Graphite and Dove Grey shades perfectly balanced by a choice of vibrant coloured stitching and piping. Youre free to fine-tune a very personal space.